Welcome to our journey in having a stylish home with a great budget! Our focus is on home decor, books, cooking, and much more. Through our trial and errors, we hope that you can also join us on this living chic for less adventures!

Cindy & Jeff

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The Five Most F*cked Up Books You’ll Ever Read (For Now…)

            Probably the earliest film legend that exists involves the story of the Lumiere Brothers’ 50 second film “Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat.” Supposedly, when this film (a literal 50 second clip of a train arriving at a train station) aired in 1895, the idea of film was so new that audience members … Continue reading The Five Most F*cked Up Books You’ll Ever Read (For Now…)

Eating with No Reservation Recipe 03: Bodega Sandwich

For as long as humans have been getting high and telling stories, artists of all stripes have been infamous for their love of both. Behind a surprising amount of authors of note, there have been monkeys on their backs helping (hampering?) the creative process. Charles Dickens and Mary Shelley were zonked out of their minds … Continue reading Eating with No Reservation Recipe 03: Bodega Sandwich

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About us


Cindy and Jeff are Massachusetts natives who have recently moved into a lovely apartment in a Boston neighborhood. They bring very different styles however they have the same goal, to have a sophisticated home while keeping a low budget. They are not only thrilled to be entering this new home chapter but are also looking forward to sharing tips, tricks and road blocks.

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Why did you start this blog?

  • Our friends actually inspired us to create this blog. We had a housewarming party where we would point out all of the amazing items we found at thrift shops. They were not only shocked at the fact that we found such beautiful home decor there, but they were also amazed at how lovely it looked in our home.


How often do you post new blog content?

  • We post new content every Tuesday and Friday mornings. Make sure to follow our blog, they will notify you once new content has been published.


What are your favorite thrift stores and why?

  • Cindy: Oh that is a tough one. I think it is a tie between Boomerangs in West Roxbury, MA and Goodwill in Somerville, MA. The reason I picked those two is due to having a lot of great character and always being able to find something unexpected/amazing/ yes I am taking it home.


What advice would you give new thrift store shoppers?

  • Always keep an open mind! There will be bowls, plates, candle holders, etc that might need a bit more washing compared to a new item stored in a brand new box. However, these items have the potential to not only be very affordable but can also look expensive and chic. You may find pumpkin mugs that are in fantastic shape, you may find plates that will need a bit more washing. Remember, always keep in mind the opportunity that item can bring to your home and a lot of thrift shops exist in order to support great causes!


What makes your blog different compared to others?

  • Honestly, it is the dynamic that Jeff and I bring to this blog. It is very apparent in the items we purchase in thrifts stores, along with the writing style displayed in our blog posts. If it wasn’t for Jeff our home would look like every other home (think beautiful rustic country farmhouse) and believe me, there is definitely nothing wrong with that. Honestly, I am still striving for that rustic chic goals! However he is the main reason why our house is so unique in an amazing way! As we continue on with our blog posts, you will definitely see all of the cute house decor placed throughout the house but wait until you read how/why books are placed in various parts in our apartment. You will not only learn so much through his posts but it will motivate you to read more!
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