Repurposing part 1: turning storage into something spicy

Cooking and eating are two of our favorite activities. Our hunger to cook different dishes (both figuratively and literally) resulted in a tsunami of different spices stuffed throughout different kitchen cabinets.

Once we were on the hunt for cinnamon and when we got home, we found a huge container of cinnamon. Our instant exaggerated reaction was “gahhhhh we have cinnamon for years!” Let’s just say, cinnamon was not the only victim of being bought multiple times

A view of some of our current spices, do not be fooled by this lovely picture, we have cinnamon for years!

So what was the next must have item on our list? A spice rack! Now what comes to mind, when we think of spice rack? These were our initially thought:

(1) what does a spice rack look like again?

(2) the box looking one with the mini-spice holing jars

(3) the little glass jar looking things… wait where would we even put them?

However, our spice rack winner was:

Why hello spice rack, glad to have you hang with us! (Yup a corny joke, but am still going to call it a win!)

I know, it was a surprise to us too! When I found this $15 wood hanging wall cabinet at goodwill in Worcester, I knew it had the potential for something great but was unsure exactly what at the time. With no hesitation Jeff said “hey that is our spice rack!” I was not fully convinced about it being a spice rack but was positive that it was coming home with us.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once it was on our kitchen wall, with all the spices in place, it truly was a brilliant repurposed idea! Plus having hooks allowed us to hang our oven gloves.

Never thought that this wall cabinet hidden under other wooden items in goodwill would be able to fix our spice tsunami.

Now let’s  review the stats:

Total thrift shop cost: $15

  • $10 rustic dinner menu board

Total saving: $34.99

  • Compared to $49.99 wood hanging wall cabinet on ebay

Overall, it was a huge win! Like always, thanks for stopping by and remember to keep an open mind when going to a thrift shop, you never know what item you will discover and repurpose it!


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