3 ways a clock can give your home some unique personality

Time is an important aspect of our lives. It helps us determine when to go to work, how to schedule events throughout the week, and other import to-dos in our lives.

Now, have you ever considered using time as a decorative item in your home? Honestly, my initial answer was no. However, when Jeff and I started our house decor hunt, there were certain items that just kept popping up throughout different stores, and one of those items were clocks!

Clocks surprisingly come in different shapes and sizes! Today we will be discussion three types of clocks:

  1. wall clock
  2. table clock
  3. non-traditional clock

The clocks we found have way more character than the norm and it truly compliments our home. New let’s get started!

Clock #1: the wall clock 

Large rustic pineapple wall clock from family dollar for $12.99

The beauty of a wall clock is the ability to be placed in any part of a home. They can be small and blend in with other frames or paintings. They can also be large and demand the attention of a room. Our large living room clock shown above is just that type with a beautifully suddle pineapple in the middle. Jeff found this rustic clock in a Family Dollar for $12.99!

If you are looking for large, expensive clocks that seeks to shine in whichever room it is placed, I would recommend checking out places like Family Dollar. These super discounted stores might not be the ones that come to mind when purchasing an elegant wall clock. However, we were able to found this guy! Plus they also have a variety of clocks if this is not the one you had in mind. Never underestimate the home decor that a Family dollar or dollar tree store can have in stock!

Clock #2: the table clock 

Medium cogsworth table clock found at Savers for $7.99 (note: yes that was a beauty & the beast reference, Jeff and my friends would wholeheartedly agree)

When I think of table clock first, I get flashbacks of that annoying alarm clock next to my bed, yell at me in the morning to get up. BUT, not all table clocks have to be alarm oriented or have a bland aesthetic (my alarm clock was a box shaped with red numbers on it). The clock shown above was found in a Savers and it was love at first sight! It had such a classy and distinguished look that in seconds it was in my hand, ready to be purchased. I recommend looking for a unique clock that will not only compliment the decorative style you have at home, but I’d also something with a new twist.

Clock #3: the non-traditional clock 

This sundial was $5.99 at Goodwill and I will admit, this guy is my favorite!

This sundial was buried under other clocks which Jeff dug out at a local goodwill. The price was $5.99 and honestly, it was beautiful. At first didn’t know where it would go or how it would look. As you can see in the picture, it looks amazing on our living room table. It gives such a unique vibe/look that if anyone finds a sundial anywhere, would say “you have to get it! This guy is so different compared to a traditional clock”.

Take away notes:

1. Always look at the clock section of any store. You will not only find alarm clocks, but clocks with personality.

2. Give a unique look a chance. The sundial I had no idea where it would be places but I loved it so much that it honestly did not matter.

3. If there is a family dollar or dollar tree near you, make sure to give them a chance. You can be surprised at some of the beautiful things that they sell.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s post! We will be back on Friday with Jeff’s new post. Thanks and have a great day!


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