Latino art is a must

In honor of dia de los muertos (day of the dead), today we will be discussing Latino art home decor. When I think of Latino art, the first thing that comes to mind are vibrant colors. I remember walking down any street in Guatemala and seeing each house painted with drastically different colors, which surprisingly blended so nicely with one another. Now let’s go over the different types of Latino art we own and how each one brings with it an interesting piece of history and beauty.

Mini Guatemalan Clay storage pot

This beauty has been with me for more than 10 years and it still looks new. If you ever get the chance to visit Guatemala and go to any shop, there is where you will find an array of handmade ceramics, pottery, and various clay items. They are not only beautiful, but holds a traditional part of Guatemalan culture, which is clay making/creating.

Antigua,Guatemalan scenic painting

This painting represents Antigua, Guatemala, which was the first capital of Guatemala until an extreme volcanic eruption consumes the city, forcing a country to move its capital 45 minutes away (now know as Guatemala City). Here the painter decided to use soothing/calm colors to ilústrate one of the most beautiful towns in Guatemala.

Clay faceless doll from Dominican Republic

This beautiful Dominican Republic faceless doll was found in our local thrift store for $5.00! The moment I saw her, I knew she will be a part of our home. She is not only so elegant but also loved the intricate detail of her dress. Now some of you maybe wondering, why does she not have a face? The facelessness represents in its own way every racial group, indigenous, immigrants from different countries and all Dominicans worldwide, this was the vision of the Dominican artist, Liliana Mera Lime.

I hope you enjoy this fun latino art post and hope you have a great rest of the day!

– Cindy

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