Chic pumpkin decor ideas

While Halloween has already passed, that does not mean pumpkins can start disappearing too. Pumpkins are perfect thanksgiving decor and today we will go over some ways you can incorporate some fun, chic, and affordable pumpkin decor in your home!

Pumpkins in the kitchen

I love small pumpkins which can be tucked in a variety of spaces. We bought 3 tiny orange pumpkins from Trader Joe’s (were each less than $1.00). They were placed in a two tier fruit tray which I converted to pure home decor. They not only fit nicely in the top tier but they gave a much needed pop of color!

Pumpkins in the living room

While at Trader Joe’s, three tiny beige pumpkins also made it to our shopping basket. We decided to get one of our serving tray, place a small vase with flowers in the middle. and then organized the pumpkins around it. If you are the type of home decorator who prefers soft/neutral colors, then this setup would be perfect for you.

Pumpkins on the coffee table

If you prefer glass pumpkins, we used those too! We found a great medium sized pumpkin from TJMaxx a few years ago (and it still looks great) and two pumpkins mugs at a local thrift shop. We used one of our farmhouse trays and placed the three on top. It is a simple and quick style which goes great on any coffee table.

Pumpkins on your shelf

Now if you have shelf space, pumpkins can fit there as well. It is true that the one above is a Halloween pumpkin, however it was too cute to store away (I mean look at that adorable face)! He was placed in between a photo of my younger brothers and a cute rustic sign. No matter how big or small the shelf space is, if you get the right pumpkin, it will fit perfectly!

Hope you enjoyed the lovely pumpkin decor ideas and remember you do not need to drop a lot of money on pumpkins, as long as you know where to purchase them. Thanks and have a great day!

– Cindy

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