Four decor items to get you into the Halloween spirit

We are 5 days away from Halloween! Even though time is flying by, it is still not too late to get your home into the Halloween spirit. Today we will go over four Halloween decor items to spook out your home.


When you think of fall, one item that should automatically come to mind are pumpkins. The great think about using pumpkins for decorative purposes throughout the home is their versatility. You can get pumpkins in all shapes, colors, sizes, real, and fake. Below we show you a simple pumpkin style and it complements our home very nicely. If you are a crocheter, and want to learn how to make this pumpkin, check out our DIY crochet pumpkin decor post.

Now as you think of what type of pumpkin to complement your home, think of the style you are going for (spooky, chic, creative, or all of the above) and make sure that type of styling theme is either present in one room or spread throughout your home.



A full disclaimer, I am a huge Batman fan, to the point where I own plenty of Batman merchandise, and have claimed some of Jeff’s Batman items as my own (sorry not sorry babe)! With that fun fact in mind, I wanted to incorporate bats into our home. Bats are great for either being 1) cute that you would want them to be your new pet or 2) scary to the point where you would run as fast as a speeding car. The one in our living room definitely gives off plenty of cute vibes.


Spooky books

As you can tell from our prior blog posts (hidden gems of horror part 1 and part 2), books are an essential item in our home. In order to honor them during the spooky holiday season (besides reading some of Jeff’s scary suggestions), we went for one with a more intentionally spooky decorative version. Our kitchen was lacking the much needed spooky factor so this guy worked out perfectly. Now, if you are more into using real books with spooky covers, I would recommend putting them on display in places where the guests can see them, such as your nice coffee table.


Tea light holders

Tea light holders are a definite must! Tea light holders come in different shapes and sizes which can be spread throughout your home. For us, once the sun starts to set, the tea lights are turned on and automatically gives me the must watch a horror film ASAP! Below we show you a ghost and skeleton that are placed in different spots in our home.

Where can I find these last minute items?

We were very fortunate and were able to get these items for less than $5 each. For holiday season decor, we highly recommend checking out your local thrift shops. They always have great decor which is where we found our ghost. Other places we have gone to were TJMaxx, home goods, and Christmas tree shop.

Remember to always keep an open mind and eye, never know what cool items you will find. Thanks for stopping by and hope this has inspired you to add a little bit of spooky chic decor to your home!

– Cindy

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