DIY crochet pumpkin decor

This fall season is all about DIYs. Whether you are a expert crocheter or just beginning, I would highly recommend creating your own pumpkins! You can use these pumpkins as amazing decorative pieces throughout your home or they can even great gifts. Today I will show you some of the cute pumpkins that I made by watching Melanie Ham’s Easy Crochet Pumpkin Tutorial

The Sofa Pumpkin

We really wanted a medium size pumpkin on our sofa that would compliment the various colors present. We decided to go with a cream yarn for the body of the pumpkin and a dark brown yarn for the stem. Once the piece was completed, we were not only surprised how nice the pumpkin turned out but also how great it looks on our sofa!

Sofa pumpkin!

The Bourbon Pumpkins

Jeff found this amazing little bourbon wooden box at our local thrift store and we definitely saw the potential of being something great. Luckily for us, I was able to make smaller pumpkins to fit perfectly in this box. If you have small wooden boxes that need a bit of an autumn feel, make some little pumpkins (if you can’t make them, then definitely go buy some) and then place them on ,next or into the box. I promise you that they will look great!

Never thought that pumpkins would go well with bourbon but they all proved us wrong!

The Bathroom Pumpkins

The last place we wanted to add pumpkins was on our bathroom shelf BUT we wanted to make sure that they were made with a splash of color. We decided that one pumpkin was made with a light grey and a purple stem while the other pumpkin was a light pink with a brown stem. They definite added a nice pop of color!

Bathroom pumpkins with a colorful twist

Thank you very much for reading today’s post! Hopefully this inspires you to either create your own pumpkins or even make them for loved ones.


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