One fun and sweet DIY party favor idea

Fall is finally among us! If you live in the New England area, you will start to feel the crisp air, the smell of pumpkin spice lattes in coffee shops, and the endless varieties of apples.

Since our second housewarming party was approaching, we wanted to give our friends a nice homemade gift at the end of the night. The ultimate winner was apple butter! I will admit, the first time I heard the name apple butter, I envisioned a stick of melted butter with pieces of apple blended together, and boy was I completely wrong.

Apple butter is slow cooked apples with sugar, pumpkin spice, and brown sugar mixed together. Believe me, once we tried the first bite, our eyes popped open, and we automatically wanted more! We found the recipe on Laura in the kitchen, where she not only listed the ingredients and wrote out the steps. But she also posted this process on her YouTube channel.

This is how our final homemade apple butter gifts looked!


We bought our yummy 4 pounds worth of apples from Trader Joe’s. Then we started our workout process of chopping up all of our apples

Here we are mentally preparing to chop not 2 apples but 4 ponds of apples


Once we followed all of Laura’s instructions with minor adjustments (1)we did not remove the skin of the apple; 2) we forgot to buy brown sugar but used coconut sugar instead, and 3) we made our own pumpkin spice since we forgot to buy that as well), our Crock-Pot not only looked glorious but we already wanted to start eating the apple chunks before they even started cooking.

Once all of the apples were chopped and the delicious spices were added, this is how our Crock-Pot looked like


While we waited for the apples to turn into that dark apple buttery thickness, we headed over to the Christmas tree shop where we found small farm style jars for $0.89/each, and other fun items we needed for the party.

Roughly 11 hours later and once they cooled down… the apple butter was finally ready to be placed in the small jars! We evenly distribute the apple butter into 6 jars, then placed the rest in a larger jar for us to enjoy later. Next, we used twine and cute brown tags that were placed around the jars. These items added a nice asthetic to the already beautiful jars and it also allowed us to right a nice thank you message to our friends.

So the next time you are having a small group of friends over, think about making this cute DIY sweet treat.


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