Fall dinner party centerpiece

One of the exciting things about living in a new apartment is the ability to host our own fun dinner parties with friends and family. This past weekend we held our second dinner party and our decor goal was to have it match not only the lovely fall season but also have a minimalist style. Below we will review our cool and simple dinner party centerpiece!


Right now is one of the best times to show off flowers, either real ones you get at flower shops or fake flowers from arts and crafts stores. Make sure to pair your selected fall flowers with a statement vase. I knew that the remaining colors used for our centerpiece were going to be neutral, so wanted to ensure that both the vase and flowers would bring a nice pop of color.

How are you liking my real fall flowers? (Just kidding, they are fake)


We decided to buy orange paper plates from our local Christmas tree shop for $1.00. It matched with the color of our fall flowers, plus all of our guests ensured to put the plates in our recycling bin once they were done. When it comes to plates, either use ones you have at home or go with colorful one like orange, which pair well with the fall season.

Our guests loved the color of these plates

Utensil Holders

Have you ever faced a situation where you had no idea where to place your plastic or metal utensils? We ended up placing our plastic forks, spoons, and knives in separate mason jars we bought from the Christmas tree shop ($0.89 each). From there Jeff used a beer caddy (also from Christmas tree shop) to hold our napkins. This not only kept all of the utensils in order but also provided a crisp and minimalist decor.

Yup we are all about that farmhouse party decor!

Final view

Below you will see the final view of our centerpiece. We had a nice wooden tray which we flipped in order to elevate our utensils. Overall, we were really happy with the final setup! This not only provided a beautiful look to our kitchen table but this also provided our guests the ability to grab anything they needed prior to serving themselves some yummy homemade food.

Will definitely use this same layout for future parties

We hope this post inspires you to glam up your next fun and extremely functional centerpiece!


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3 thoughts on “Fall dinner party centerpiece

  1. Very pretty, never thought to use blue, the colors are striking together. I just got through making a Fall flower arrangement (to be posted in a couple weeks) I love this time of year with all the holidays coming up. Love your site, you have a lot of great ideas.

    Liked by 1 person

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