Now is the time to decorate your entryway with holiday decor

December is finally here, meaning it is time to bust out holiday and winter decor! Today we will go over ideas on how to decorate your entryway and where you can go to get these cute items!

All about the doormat

A great way to start the holidays decor train is by picking the right doormat! We found the one below at our local Christmas tree shop for $5. We love that it provides a nice distinct pop of color along with the cute message of “baby it’s cold outside”. Since we live in New England, that message is oh so true.

It really is cold out side, that’s the norm here in New England

Christmas wreath delight

A next fun and must have Christmas item is a decorative wreath. We bought this from home goods 3 years ago and it still looks bright and new! This guy was worth $19.99 and I will admit, it was a great holiday investment.

Snowmen all about the sledding game

Now these snowmen on a sled idea was all Jeff’s doing. We found this great sled for $5 at Target and we did not know how it was going to be used but it was too good of a deal to pass up. Then we went to family dollar to check out the Christmas decor and Jeff found the last 3 snowmen (each $5). Now they are all casually sledding on our table

These snowmen are having too much fun!

Christmas tree with exciting gifts

This cute wooden tree with gold accent was found a few months in our local thrift store for $2.99. In order for the tree to not be by itself, we bought small gift boxes which provides a much needed pop of color. The small gift boxes were worth $0.99 each.

A mini tree with big gifts

The homemade painting

I am very fortunate to have artists in my family (and yes I am definitely not one of them). One day my mom and I were looking at different holiday decor, to inspire us for the season. One item that kept popping up was a red truck carrying a Christmas tree. Then with pure surprise and excitement, my mother made the painting below. Out of all of the items we have in our entryway, this one is the most precious one.

This priceless painting was made by my amazing mother

Putting all the pieces together

This is how all the pieces look together. I enjoy going home everyday and seeing this beautiful Christmas display.

Now go out and shop your heart out for great holiday decor! Remember to check out your local thrift shops since they may have some amazing gems for affordable prices!

– Cindy

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