The molasses cookies of your Christmas dreams

Christmas season is finally hear! Now is the time to dig out holiday ornaments, and start thinking of thoughtful gifts for loved ones. One way of giving to the most important people in your life is through baking. Jeff and I are currently experimenting with different baked goods and deciding what we will be giving to our friends this holiday season.

One recipe that we were excited to try was the seriously soft molasses cookies by Sally’s baking addiction. Jeff was really excited to try something with molasses, while I was just excited for the challenge. If you are interested in making those deliciously soft cookies, make sure to click on the link above!

First Impression

Gathering the ingredients and making the delicious cookie mixture was easy. The tempting part was to shape the cookie dough into small spheres and placing them in the oven right away. However, they needed to be chilled for at least 30 minutes first prior to baking. The wait was truly worth it, as you can see below. Our molasses cookies had the gorgeous sugary sparkle you see in baking magazines. When we broke the cookie in half to share, that moment we knew that the next cookie would require the “no sharing” rule.

This cookie is making me crave for more!

DIY Cookie Stacking Gifts

While we work on our baked goods gift idea, we decided to buy this cute cookie stacking kit from Christmas tree shop for $1.49. This package comes with eight cookie stacking kits which consist of: 1) eight round trays, 2) eight cello bags, and 3) eight red ribbons

This is how the DIY cookie stacking kit looks like

We took out one red circular base and started stacking our molasses cookies. We realized that after 5 cookies, our lovely stack would always collapse. So we needed to come up with another creative way to pack nine cookies.

All about the stacked cookies look

In the end, we made two columns of four cookies and placed the remaining cookie on top! If you are interested in making these gifts, we highly recommend either finding these guys at your local Christmas tree shop or checking places like amazon for these fun cookie stacking kits.

Thanks for stopping by and keep an eye out for future baked goods for this Christmas season!
– Cindy
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