Stylish table decor ideas for Thanksgiving

Welcome to our fourth Thanksgiving related posts! Today we will review a few ideas on setting up your dinner table. While we are still a few days away from Thanksgiving, it is never too early to decorate your dinner table. Setting up early will provide two huge benefits: 1) reduce stress by not having to worry about your table setup the day of, and 2) being able to purchase all the items you may need to decorate. Now lets get started!

Centerpiece and Surrounding Decor

For our overall decor, we had two goals: 1) farmhouse decor, and 2) keep all items at a reasonable budget. In Marshals we found this large beautiful farmhouse style olive oil jug for $4.00 (yup a phenomenal deal)! Then we added festive flowers on top, but you can also just leave the jug as is or add in other items inside (i.e. fall leaves, or tree branches.

We found this large olive oil jug for $4.00 at Marshals

Next, we added an adorable Happy Thanksgiving sign from a thrift store for $1.99. Since we really wanted a farmhouse look, we added three leafy tree branches from Target ($3.00 each).

Thank you Savers and Target for having some of the items we needed for our farmhouse setup!

We also included four small candle holders (here you can decide to use real or fake tea light candles, which we bought at Christmas Tree Shop) and beige pumpkins. After sunset, we were able to see the tea lights in full effect which definitely added a very calm and intimate vibe!

Candles (whether real or fake) are a MUST

Plates and Utensils 

Now this part is all based on how many plates you have available, and how many guests you will have over during the holiday. We decided to use paper plates, plastic cups, and utensils. The reason being that we wanted to make sure to have an excess amount of utensils for our guests vs. worrying about a shortage. This would mean us repeatedly washing dishes which takes away time from us enjoying our guest. This choice also gave us the flexibility of choosing what colors to incorporate in the table. We went for small gold plates, large orange plates, clear utensils (all from Christmas Tree shop), twine to wrap up the utensils, mini wine cups, and white napkins (from the dollar store).

Where are all of the items our guests will be using to feast

While the cost of these plates and utensils were not expensive, once you place them together, they gave off a very chic vibe! If you never worked with twine and want to give it a shot, this is where you can!

Plates are set, now all we need is some yummy food!

The Final Setup

We were very happy with the final product! The goal was for our table to look clean, simple, and beautiful by using only a few affordable items, which we were able to achieve!

Welcome to our dinner table
Thank you for checking out today’s post and we hope this not only inspires you to have fun with decorating your table, but also start early! That way your stress level will be minimized. Tomorrow we will be sharing a fun, delicious, and simple crockpot recipe, stay tuned!
– Cindy
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